Newsweek shows Romney tanking in Iowa

A Newsweek poll released this afternoon shows Mike Huckabee surging ahead of Mitt Romney in Iowa. It’s now 39% for Huckabee vs. 17% for Romney. Or, depending on one’s point of view, Romney is tanking. I’d have been open to either interpretation before yesterday, but since this comes just one day after Romney’s “I’m a Morman but … ” speech, I have to think there is a connection. That speech is backfiring.

3 thoughts on “Newsweek shows Romney tanking in Iowa

  1. Yes, I am seeing the same on CNN – big leads for Huckabee – even after Romney’s free 30 minute TV ad that answered nothing.

  2. Polls take more than a week to conduct. This poll’s data shows people’s opinions as they were a week ago. Watch for more next week.

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