Wright was quoting someone else; media reports wrong?

More campaign shenanigans? Was Rev. Wright simply quoting Ambassador Edward Peck when he made those controversial remarks that ended with, “God damn America”? Over at the Daily Kos, naijaman seems to think so. He posted the following YouTube link showing approximately ten minutes of the sermon, rather than the short clip being run by the mainstream media. Judge for yourself:

Assuming this clip shows the way it really happened, why didn’t the Obama camp say so right away? Why didn’t they release this video? Wouldn’t it have taken some heat out of the controversy?

With the campaigns trying to cripple each other while putting the best possible face on everything, and the media loving controversy wherever they can find or manufacture it, it is becoming increasing difficult to know what the truth is.

One thing we do know, however, is to never fully trust either politicians or media.

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4 thoughts on “Wright was quoting someone else; media reports wrong?

  1. I have just had a cultural shock. We watched Youtube videos and saw part of the race speech, then Hillary talking about her “Bosnia lie” and then Obama dancing: Hillary’s facial gymnastics, contrived and mechanical, and then Obama dancing in front of an immense crowd of women, and finally McCain with sunrises over the Atlantic and sundowns on the Ocean and Churchill in the background, I feel like a cat that has fallen in a puddle of ice water.

    LOL. I think lots of us here are feeling the same way. This is the craziest election season I have ever been through.

  2. Well, I had seen them only on a few stills and without sound.

    I had never imagined that Hillary would show embarrassment or even look a little awkward when she had to back-pedal on something she had said about Bosnia.

    Nor had I imagined that Obama would memorize his race speech and deliver it complete from memory. However, when he approached a stage dancing and moving rhythmically and gracefully to the sounds of some rock and the roar of applause, I thought that he was in fact showing his (other?) true calling.

    As to McCain — no comment

    I watched McCain deliver a speech this morning. I was surprised that he actually delivered it fairly well (some of his speeches have been absolutely cringeworthy). And I did agree with some of his points (not the stay-in-Iraq part). At least he looked a bit more like the guy I thought he was, rather than a senior citizen delivering disconnected one-liners and following each with a big, stupid, beauty-queen smile.

  3. Sure, he delivered it fairly well – it was the same speech he made in 2003.

    LOL. Really? I guess I was living in a cave back then. I really wasn’t watching all that closely this morning; I tend to tune out Bush and all echoes thereof. That stuff raises my blood pressure.

  4. Blaming Barack Obama for Pastor Wright’s comments is like blaming me, a Catholic, for the child molestation done by priests.
    Beautiful analogy! Wish I’d said that. Thanks, Cats. I’ll be using this one on my daughter-in-law 🙂

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