Absolut vodka campaign in Mexico ‘clearly’ crosses the line

Absolute ad

There are boundaries in advertising that should not be crossed. Absolut vodka crossed one, with miles of room to spare, when they concocted an ad for their consumers in Mexico. The ad shows a map of the United States and Mexico, with the international boundaries redrawn to make a large part of the southwestern U.S. a part of Mexico. And surprise, surprise, the advertising firm that created the ad, Teran/TBWA, is based in Mexico City.

According to the LA Times, (and here), Absolut has withdrawn the ad and issued an apology. An apology!? Talk about too little too late. What’s the penalty for supreme stupidity? For adding still more fuel to the border tension between the U.S. and Mexico?

Michelle Malkin first broke this story on her blog a few days ago, and we felt compelled to comment, even at the risk of giving Absolut more publicity.

It would almost be worth it for a teetotaler to start drinking, just to be able to participate in a boycott of Absolut. In lieu of that, we can only urge others to do so. By all rights, Absolut sales in the U.S. should flatline immediately. If they never sell another bottle in this country, it will be too soon.

5 thoughts on “Absolut vodka campaign in Mexico ‘clearly’ crosses the line

  1. The ad is simply childish. I would wonder when the people of the world would get over such trivialities as international borders. 😉
    But those borders are so important. I mean, without them, what excuse would we have for wars? 😉

  2. A stupid and insensitive ad. What they’ll do to sell their booze. Un-real!
    Wanted to leave a clever reply here, but I’m still sputtering over this ad. Funny how advertising showcases both the best and the worst that creative minds have to offer.

  3. Have you read the Little Prince? Would you remember how disappointed he was when he found out that on another planet there were many roses similar to the one that he thought was unique?

    Well, remember the little Alamillo bridge?

    Forget it. There are maybe dozens of bridges built on the same idea and perhaps prettier. Look at this http://tinyurl.com/5wqd9b or this

    Sorry about the hang up on this, Cantueso. It got caught because there were 2 links in it.

    Those bridges are beautiful. I especially like the second one, with the big upward swoop in the middle.

  4. Thats how its should be!
    That’s how it was. About 150 years ago. Sounds like a permanent change to me.

  5. Love the ad.
    We’re taking back the land by making awesome Mexican Babies. HOHOHO
    BTW Viva Villa, Zapata, y la Revolucion headed by Absolut Vodka.

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