‘Bush’s War’: In case you weren’t angry enough already

Two nights ago PBS ran another of its documentaries, “Frontline: Bush’s War,” Parts 1 and 2. I knew full well what I was getting into, but I decided to watch it anyway. It was history. It would be a nice summation of the Iraq war and correct any erroneous ideas I had.

Well, I stuck it out for maybe 45 minutes. My recollections were correct. The trouble was that the truth about how the Bush administration dragged us into the war, as depicted by PBS, was even more nauseating than I recalled. I had to turn it off; too much anger is a bad thing.

If you’re too lazy to read, and you want to get the entire Iraq war story in one sitting, watch the program. Just don’t ask me for a review. My blood pressure is already too high.

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2 thoughts on “‘Bush’s War’: In case you weren’t angry enough already

  1. I need to watch. I’m not really good at remembering dates and specific events – it’d be good for me, thank you for the tip. Also, very nice of you to take a pause and remember all of the people who lost their life with regard to Oklahoma City Bombing. …. It’s hard to believe that it happened 13 years ago, some things just seem like yesterday 🙁
    It does seem like just yesterday… and then I start thinking of everything that’s happened since then. It’s really stunning. OKC was such a tragedy. Then came 9/11, and I had that horrible OKC benchmark to judge the size and scope of the 9/11 attacks. By then I was living in upstate NY, and it felt like I was being attacked all over again. 9/11 was much, much bigger, but OKC was my home.

  2. But at the time it was impossible to hear a divergent view coming from the US. When on two American discussion groups I said that Bush was lying, there was unanimous backlash. “Do you know more than the CIA?” “……Cantueso, our resident terrorist” and somebody baptized the anniversary of the Spanish bombing “cantueso day”. — At the time, for two or three years, I participated in various discussion groups and cannot remember seeing a dissident voice.
    I’m sorry to hear you were so harshly treated in those discussion groups. That’s not my idea of open discussion. As for Iraq, I remember being very suspicious about what Bush was telling us (admittedly I’ve never liked the man). I was angry as hell that he virtually abandoned Afghanistan and the search for Bin Laden in order to go into Iraq. I never believed Iraq and Saddam Hussein had any connection to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. And I never believed Iraq represented an imminent threat to the U.S; after all, the U.N. inspectors never found any WMD, and Bush didn’t let them finish their job before he launched his war. The man should be impeached.

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