Two more primaries slip by today; wake me when it’s over

North Carolina and Indiana are having their presidential primaries today. Can you sense my excitement? yawwwn …

You may have been astute enough to notice I’ve gone somewhat apolitcal recently. Frankly, I’ve grown colossally tired of this campaign. I’m just waiting for it to be over. Or it least move on to the conventions and general election.

My involvement for several weeks has consisted only of running errands with an Obama sticker on my bumper (it comes off as easily as it went on, if that becomes necessary).

Nevertheless, I do have a few comments and observations:

  • Obama’s my candidate if he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot between now and November.
  • Rev. Wright was becoming an increasingly irrelevant old man who hurt Obama, intentionally or not. Then he made his very intentional appearance at the National Press Club last week and confirmed that he is egomaniacal, vindictive, and quite possibly not playing with a full deck.
  • Clinton will say anything to anybody to get elected, and neither she nor McCain can do a damn thing about gas prices this summer (Bush won’t let it happen). Can you say P_A_N_D_E_R?
  • Michigan and Florida delegates should be seated at the Democratic convention out of politeness, but not allowed to vote, because those are the rules agreed to by everyone before the primaries started.
  • Howard Dean has been a weak, mealy-mouthed party chairman who allowed the Mich/Fla mess to happen. (It never should have become an “issue” to be settled; those two states took themselves out of the game before it began. End of story.)
  • McCain is a warmonger with a notoriously hot temper. I don’t want his finger on the trigger or his belligerence at the negotiating table.
  • Whoever said Hillary has “testicular fortitude” must have their genders confused. Then again … maybe not.
  • Whether I like them or not, I have nothing but admiration for the sheer physical stamina of the candidates in maintaining the pace they have for so long. Me, I get tired just hearing about it.

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2 thoughts on “Two more primaries slip by today; wake me when it’s over

  1. Me too! This popularity contest between Clinton and Obama was good for the first few seconds, then it got real old, real f-a-s-t 🙁
    Obama takes NC. Clinton takes Indiana (maybe). Yawwwn ….

  2. I’m yawning right along with you, 30. Jeez, can they just pick somebody and get on with it? This is the weirdest primary season I’ve ever seen.
    What a shame to have so much excitement generated … and now this. Sure hope it picks up again for the general election.

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