Enough, already! Can’t we just vote now?

3 thoughts on “Enough, already! Can’t we just vote now?”

  1. I swear, I get so frustrated with McCain. What does he stand for? And I’ll tell ya, he ‘aint lookn’ too healthy these days. He’s pale (ever hear of chapstick?) and he’s got one foot on the grave and the other on a banana peel.

    I am still scratching my head on him, what is he thinking? A chimp could do a better job at campaigning than he is.

    Through all of this, I am left more confused than ever. With all the wishy washy back peddling, I have no clue who stands for what.
    Anymore, I don’t either. I hope they start laying out something substantive before November. This is a ridiculous way to pick a president.

  2. And the best candidate was eliminated. oh well…
    Sorry about that, Leafless. Maybe McCain and Obama won’t get the nominations when they go to convention. They’re not official till then.

  3. Amen on the salary issue.

    As for McCain, well, *snicker* I don’t like what he stands for, so his sausage shop shenanigans–say THAT ten times fast–are okay by me. Sad to say, however, that although I agree with Obama on the issues that are important to me, he doesn’t thrill me like Dean did on the last go-around. I do appreciate how articulate Obama is, though, even if it comes off as a little bit slick to people who are disinclined to vote for him anyway. Ah, well, my vote was a done deal years ago. Ex-Republicans are more strident than ex-smokers.
    You saw the light way before I did. I’m a slow learner from very conservative roots, but hey, better late than never!

    sausage shop shenanigans, shausage shop shenanigans, shausage shopsh …

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