The Wal-Mart death I couldn’t write about

3 thoughts on “The Wal-Mart death I couldn’t write about”

  1. Actually, that was on Long Island, I am embarrassed to say. It happened in Valley Stream, which used to be a mostly decent area but has since fallen victim to the same economic issues much of Long Island has had to confront for 20 years, and is now considered not so great. My man carries and even he wouldn’t go to that mall.
    Corrected. Thank you. Do you think this would have been less likely to happen in a newer, more successful mall? I’m cynical enough to think it could have happened at any “big box” store; it was only a matter of time.

  2. Why people fall for the “Black Friday” gimmick is beyond me.
    Same reason they buy lottery tickets. Hoping to get lucky and get something for virtually nothing. Lottery is longer odds, but a helluva lot safer, apparently.

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