‘Interim’ is a 3-syllable word meaning interval

3 thoughts on “‘Interim’ is a 3-syllable word meaning interval”

  1. Irregardless, announcers will continue to grow the word because it is impactful. (I need to unclench my jaw now. My blood pressure rose 10 points just from writing that.)
    Ahh, full-throated support. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

    Terri – there is no such word as Irregardless! It is “Regardless”. I am a pedant,

    My pet hate – and this is 99% of Americans “alot” It is a lot, not one word, two, with a space!

    If you are on Facebook, look up my name – I am in a perfect group for you! 😀

    Apparently, dripping sarcasm doesn’t always come across in print.

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