O.J. Simpson finally going to prison

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson was sentenced today to 15 years in Nevada state prison, with a minimum of nine years before he becomes eligible for parole. The sentence came as a result of an incident in September 2007 where he and some friends tried to “reclaim” — with the use of at least one gun — some of his property from sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room.

He will be appealing, of course, but a request for bail was promptly denied.

Simpson could have been sentenced to imprisonment for the rest of his life, so he got a break today. Perhaps the judge was feeling a bit of Christmas spirit and generosity.

No more Simpson swagger and smirk. He’s finally going to spend a long time in prison. No one could forget the fact that he escaped criminal conviction on a double murder charge fourteen years ago, but as was right and proper, that issue was not a factor in this case.

For the record, yes, I thought he was guilty of the murder charges, but I didn’t think the case was made at the time. Had I been on the jury then, I’d have voted for acquittal.

This time, though, the case was ironclad. Everything was on tape.

Simpson is a stupid thug of a man. He’s finally going to get a taste of what he has long deserved.

One thought on “O.J. Simpson finally going to prison

  1. He can rot. I feel sooooo sorry for his kids. My god, what they must be thinking? Their mom is gone, their dad more likely than not did it, and now he’s gone too. Those poor, poor kids. He put the D in dysfunctional. Hopefully, the Goldman family can get a wee bit of closure. I didn’t hear about this because of course I was sleeping all day but I hope the Brown family gets to take care of the kids? I just pray they will be ok.
    I don’t know what age his kids are now, but he’s put them through a kind of hell no one should have to endure. I’d say the man is sick, but that would indicate some smattering of pity for him, and I have none. Zilch, zero, nada.

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