O.J. Simpson finally going to prison

One thought on “O.J. Simpson finally going to prison”

  1. He can rot. I feel sooooo sorry for his kids. My god, what they must be thinking? Their mom is gone, their dad more likely than not did it, and now he’s gone too. Those poor, poor kids. He put the D in dysfunctional. Hopefully, the Goldman family can get a wee bit of closure. I didn’t hear about this because of course I was sleeping all day but I hope the Brown family gets to take care of the kids? I just pray they will be ok.
    I don’t know what age his kids are now, but he’s put them through a kind of hell no one should have to endure. I’d say the man is sick, but that would indicate some smattering of pity for him, and I have none. Zilch, zero, nada.

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