Rick Warren is for the birds

Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren, Barack Obama’s controversial choice to deliver the invocation at the January 20 Inaugural, decided recently to get cute with an ABC reporter.

Explaining his politics to ABC news, Warren said, “I’m a pastor, not a politician. People always say, ‘Rick, are you right wing or left wing?’ I say ‘I’m for the whole bird.'”

How very clever. I’ll bet he’s really proud of himself for memorizing that response. It’s deflection, pure and simple — a move practiced by politicians everywhere to disarm questioners. Warren’s not a politician — much; he just talks the talk.

Worse, his remark is nowhere near the truth. He’s not for the “whole bird,” not by a long shot. If you’re not the right kind of Christian, he’s not for you. If you’re of any other religion, he’s not for you. If you’ve no religion at all, he’s not for you. If you’re gay or lesbian, regardless of your religion, he’s not for you. In fact, where gays are concerned, Rev. Warren was a very public, active, vocal leader of opposition to California’s Proposition 8 protecting gay rights. But he’s not a politician.

I’m neither a politican nor a pastor, but from where I stand, Rick Warren’s bird is looking very small indeed.

3 thoughts on “Rick Warren is for the birds

  1. I feel bad for Obama, because it seems that no matter what he does, people get mad. He has a crazy pastor (Wright) and people are mad. So he moves to a more conservative pastor, and other people are mad. Then again, I probably shouldn’t feel too bad for him because it does go along with the job of being President. 🙂

    Yes, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not necessarily going to agree with everything he does. That’s still a huge improvement over disagreeing with everything the president does.

  2. Thank you. This post helps me to realize that my allergy to religion being stronger than my allergy to politics is grounded in good reason. I maintain very high hopes for the Obama administration, and will continue to ponder on that. That’s as close as I come to prayer.

    Religion gives me a rash, and politics raise my blood pressure. I’m crossing my fingers for Obama and hoping that helps.

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