Hair booms won’t be used in Gulf

3 thoughts on “Hair booms won’t be used in Gulf”

  1. They haven’t exactly demonstrated any understanding of what’s going on out there yet.
    You noticed that too, eh?

  2. I wonder if that goes for feathers, too.

    But I second what Sank said. They seem to have their heads up their arses, anyway.
    There’s no doubt feathers soak up oil. Ask any brown pelican in the Louisiana marshlands.

  3. As tempted as I am to make light of ‘hair booms’ or ‘feather booms’, it just ain’t happening. That header photo is too terrifying. Big technology intersecting with corporate greed seems to create the most awful messes ever. When will we ever learn?
    Glad to know someone noticed the photo. I keep looking for “The One,” but like the oil, they just keep coming …

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