Colorado too eager for organ donors

4 thoughts on “Colorado too eager for organ donors”

  1. You may laugh, but I see where this is going.

    Never mind all the obvious arguments you raise.

    As a libertarian, I often discuss the question of rights – where they come from, how we get them and how they differ from privileges and entitlements. In a logical effort to frame the borders of agreement, we often begin by asking the question, “Who owns your own body?” Climbing aboard the nullification bandwagon, the state of Colorado intends to nullify the logic of our question by answering that question on your behalf in advance.

    Going directly to the point, who will benefit by increasing the supply of reclaimed body parts? Could it be a government health care system that will necessarily have to codify into law a basis for restricting the number of people eligible to receive them as well as other limited resources? Wherever individual rights are subordinated to collective rights, I still wonder, “Who owns your own body?”

    1. We already have restrictions on who can get on a waiting list for an organ. But I don’t know if there’s an actual law or just guidelines that doctors observe.

      There will be a comment period and a town hall meeting to discuss the issue. Sure seems to me the state risks messing up a good thing, since it already has the nation’s highest rate of voluntary donor registration — 2 of every 3 licensed drivers are donors. I doubt coercion is the way to increase that rate.

      And oh yes, I own my body, and my family after me. Anyone who challenges that may force me to do something unladylike.

    1. I did leave a comment on one of the local media reports, which I’m sure the legislators read or monitor, and I wrote to one of the bill’s backers who was named in the reports.

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