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About that California radiation thing

Count on the media to keep stirring the pot. They report on radiation from Japan; people on the West Coast get concerned. They report that people on the West Coast are concerned; everyone gets more concerned. The more the media talk about it and try to explain it, the more people get worked up about it. It must be a big deal because the media keep talking about it, right?

The problem is, no one is listening. The miniscule amount of radiation reaching the U.S. does not and will not pose a health risk to anyone here. Period. End of story.

Put my money where my mouth is, you say? I’ll go you one better. I sent my eight-year-old grandson to San Francisco last weekend for a week-long visit with grandpa.

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  1. But consider all the benefits that come from such reporting… to the various media outlets that is – the “face time” their reporters are getting, the advertiser revenues generated when everyone’s glued to the tube… 😐

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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