The best GOP candidate not running?

5 thoughts on “The best GOP candidate not running?”

  1. One reason to like Chris Christie is that he seems to be as honest as Ron Paul.

    Governor Christie may not have the macro-economic expertise of congressman Paul, or his 24 year history of honesty, but he’s certainly on the right track.

    Governor Christie’s speech at the Reagan Library should have inspired the current crop of Republican candidates to openly and honestly tell voters that there’s not going to be anything left of the USA unless we stop cannibalizing our future essentials for the sake of today’s excesses — but except for Congressman Paul, none of them has had the guts to do so.

  2. Right, Pied and Ima, candor is very appealing. That is until Mr. Christie uses it on some actual national issues, issues like entitlement reform. I would just love to hear him tell the truth about that, or any other way to solve the financial crisis, but you can bet your next month’s Social Security check that as soon as he does his popularity will collapse like a Macy’s Day balloon on a lamp post. 😉

    1. Could be. I like his frankness, but I have no idea what he knows about national issues. At least he seems to know he doesn’t know, which is refreshingly honest. Also, didn’t I hear he balanced the NJ budget? Who does that these days?

      1. I’ll grant you one thing, Pied, I like him a lot better than Perry, Palin and Bachman. I’m puzzled that Huntsman hasn’t done better. Do you get the sense as I do that the electorate cares more about personality than substance? Maybe it would help if more of the candidates would get themselves on Dancing With The Stars. 😉

      2. I share your puzzlement. He seems to have such good credentials, not the least of them being international experience. I guess without a flashy in-your-face personality, GOP voters won’t give you the time of day, although a LOT of what we’ve seen so far seems to be more media driven than voter driven.

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