Giuliani accuses Obama of class warfare

4 thoughts on “Giuliani accuses Obama of class warfare”

  1. I agree, Pied.

    My entry into political and economic blogging in March, 2010 caused me to study issues more than I ever had before, and I now find myself comparing the various opinions with other data in my head. Sometimes, just as you highlight here, I find the political opining starkly at odds with the facts. Giuliani’s assertion is absurd, and depressing.

    Another pundit I used to respect is George Will. Maybe I was too impressed with his vocabulary, but he too often swings wildly into demagoguery from time to time. There aren’t many left who try to be moderate or to deviate from terse talking points. David Gergen is about the only name that comes to me at the moment, and I haven’t heard from him for some time. He’s probably drowning his sorrows in a bar somewhere, despondent and hopeless.

    Oh, just thought of one more – Michael Blumberg. Usually he’s pretty sane. OMG, I hope there are more than two.

    1. Demagoguery. That’s the word I wanted. It does nothing but inflame and/or mislead people. Sometimes I feel there’s no one left willing to sit down and speak reasonably and thoughtfully about difficult issues. And I don’t know any other way to solve problems. If you and I disagree on an issue, I’m willing to discuss it as long as you speak and act like a adult and don’t resort to name-calling and hissy fits.

      Bloomberg? Yes, I’ve liked what I’ve seen of him. He seems pretty level-headed, but then, unlike most politicians and media commentators, he has a business or two to run. Attacking the other guy with wild accusations is not the way to conduct business. That’s the problem with the politicians; they’ve forgotten their job is to run a business, be it a city, state, or country.

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