Senators ask Komen Foundation to reverse decision

9 thoughts on “Senators ask Komen Foundation to reverse decision”

  1. Bad deal for research and health.
    But no matter what I feel, the other stuff suddenly going on here is a worry….
    1. People should be able to say what they believe (those people who protest at soldier’s funerals are protected with free speech; the Klan can march: rappers can use hateful language),
    2. Private groups should be able to give money where ever they want (if you don’t like their choices – walk away and don’t help them raise money)
    3. Congress and political people(from either party) shouldn’t force / insist a private group finance specific organizations (no matter how worthy the cause)
    4. Private charities / groups should examine their original purpose – and stay above political pressure in either direction (that include carefully examining employees’ motives and purposes). If they take controversial positions, they must accept the fallout.
    There will be no winners out of this – and very bad feelings lasting.
    Extreme damage.
    Women will suffer because somebody wants to force their opinions on someone else.

    1. I’ve no doubt that Democratic senators and congressmen (there were letters from both) jumped in because they felt a need to counter an apparently Republican-instigated decision. Partisan politics — getting really ugly.

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