Komen protest

AP confirms Handel’s role in Komen’s Planned Parenthood decision

Komen protest

Regarding the role of Susan G. Komen Foundation’s vice president Karen Handel in the recent decision to cut grant funding to Planned Parenthood, The Associated Press is now reporting:

A source with direct knowledge of decision-making at Komen’s headquarters in Dallas gave a different account, saying the grant-making criteria were adopted with the deliberate intention of targeting Planned Parenthood. The criteria’s impact on Planned Parenthood and its status as the focus of government investigations were highlighted in a memo distributed to Komen affiliates in December.

According to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions, a driving force behind the move was Karen Handel, who was hired by Komen last year as vice president for public policy after losing a campaign for governor in Georgia in which she stressed her anti-abortion views and frequently denounced Planned Parenthood.

Handel, a Republican who ran for governor of Georgia on an anti-Planned Parenthood platform in 2010, was hired by the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 2011.

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7 thoughts on “AP confirms Handel’s role in Komen’s Planned Parenthood decision

    1. Beats me. I can think of no logical reason for a women’s health organization to hire someone devoted to denying women their right to choice and privacy in their health care decisions.

  1. No winners. Politics should play no role in health care.
    Planned Parenthood: vulnerable because it needs money.
    The government gives them money – with strings attached.
    The Komen Foundation has given money – with strings attached.
    No winners here.
    Politics destroying everything?
    So much for people helping people.

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