Feb. 12 set as international day of action against ACTA

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  1. Thanks for these posts. Here’s other interesting information

    Protest are mounting in Europe. Some photos :

    NY Times article:

    Another Web petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/eu_save_the_internet_spread/

    For ACTA to be in effect in the EU, all EU members must accept/ratify it. Poland says they will not ratify.
    At least six of the remaining international countries would have to ratify ACTA for it to apply anywhere in the world. Outside the EU, only eight countries including the US have signed.

    ACTA has not been ratified by Congress although the President signed his name on it. The administration is trying to insist that ACTA is not a treaty and does not have to be ratified -(it is being done by executive order. )

    Once again, thanks to all who are concerned

    1. Why the hell we are leading the charge on something that will restrict free speech is beyond me … oh, wait … these days our officials are pretty much in the pockets of the corporations. How could I have forgotten?

      Thanks for the additional information.

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