The Wild Heart

I came across this video this morning and it was a magnificent start to my day. It’s “The Wild Heart: A Journey Through the Southwest Wilderness” by Henry Jun Wah Lee and Evosia Studos.

Categories: Photography

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  1. Normally Vimeo videos embed right in – I have had problems on occasions when I turned things into a click on link – forget what I did right or wrong – but eventually got the click turned into an embed – Windows Live Writer seems to have a problem turning things into links – see also

  2. Fantastic video! I watch a lot of geology based TV and I never tire of scenes like these…

    • I really must get over to southeast Utah. I’m always mesmerized by the photos and my brother, who has his own little place in the mountains west of Boulder, insists it’s every bit as spectacular as the Colorado Rockies. That’s all the endorsement I need.

  3. Stunning. My son was looking over my shoulder refusing to believe it was real 🙂

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