And now … Sorkinisms

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    1. Yes, go on. Yours is what we’d call an informed opinion.

      I saw him in an interview recently. It was said he crams so much fast-paced dialogue into his scripts that they run 25 pages longer than the average script. Maybe if he eliminated all the repetition …

  1. Over the years I have discovered an interesting but disturbing phenomenon, that the proper meanings of some words in my aging brain have morphed into improper variants. Accordingly I check my dictionary more often, particularly words of criticism or controversy, and keep a vocabulary list on my computer desktop in a textedit file. After watching the video in this post I added “trite” to the list.

    1. ROFL. I know exactly what you mean. Isn’t great to have online dictionaries at our fingertips (as opposed to the shelf full of assorted printed dictionaries I used to have above my work desk).

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