Mom had a word for it

11 thoughts on “Mom had a word for it”

  1. Tacky is the word.
    “It’s a gift we can all appreciate”? Let me get this straight, you are asking 2 people in love starting a life together to give YOU money?
    (and spent time , money and manpower creating this site and promotion so people could easily do this for YOU.)
    Hard to know where to start…arrogant, selfish, clueless, …could go on for quite a while.
    But sigh, you nailed it with “tacky”
    And this is what we have come to.

  2. Gotta agree here, “tacky” is appropriate. On the other hand, fund-raising tactics from the other side are no less off-putting. I recall a fat envelope arriving for me from the GOP, fairly bursting with false bonhomie (apparently the GOP and I are on a first-name basis now) and snob appeal and suggesting I donate $1,000 (or, fill in the blank with a convenient number) to support the cause and to defeat the enemy that is ruining our country.

    All is appropriate in love, war and politics, but none of it is particularly tasteful. IMHO.

    1. The Dems think I’m one of theirs because I bought $10 worth of bumper stickers in 2008 to keep as sort of an historical souvenir. What a mistake that has proven to be!

      1. I know. But not only are they annoying the heck out of me with emails, snail mails, and phone calls, they are continuing to waste resources on me even after I specifically requested, several times, to be taken off their lists.

  3. Yeah, I agree. I support Obama and registered for email updates on “his” site. But what I get instead are several emails a day asking for donations. “Even $3….” I don’t like begging. And I really despise the fact that our elections have turned into those with the most money spent have a better chance of winning.

    1. The Obama campaign talks like they are being outspent (probably are) and therefore bound to lose (not necessarily). In the end, the only thing that really counts is votes. And mine’s not for sale — to the highest bidder or anyone else.

      1. The more Romney’s supporters outspend Obama, the sweeter an Obama victory will be. But it’s all pretty disgusting, considering the economy. I wonder how many jobs all those campaign dollars could provide?

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