‘The Unlikely Leopard’

5 thoughts on “‘The Unlikely Leopard’”

    1. Thanks. I wanted something truly magnificent, and couldn’t find an impressive enough photo. If only great illustrations were enough to get the point across. You’d think even the idiots who kill these cats for their skins would realize that killing them all means the end of their supply …

  1. Great show. Needs more exposure! (thanks for featuring in this blog). That awkward little guy was so cute -so easy to see not only domestic cat relative, but not so far stretch to see a young human’s antics there, too. (Oh I know Dog Whisperer – we project our own human characteristics on animals…)
    But critters are all interconnected in life and nature – so one endangered is all endangered.
    (Not to mention what we can learn from them…like: take only what you need, protect and care for your young, and gently shove out the kids when they are ready to be on their own…and take naps)
    Sigh. Beauty is a blessing and a cure. Appreciated/admired, but hunted to death (Also strangely human?)
    Probably topic of some song….where have they all gone – and when will we ever learn?
    Important post

    1. When will we ever learn? When they are gone, they’re gone. They are irreplaceable. We’re supposedly the smartest creatures on earth, but look what we are doing …

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