Maddow does the math

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      1. I forgot to mention that I actually had to download the video from the show’s site and then upload it to my YouTube channel to avoid using MSNBC’s horrible looking embed! 😯

      2. Then I owe you a double thank you. I went to YouTube to get it and didn’t notice you were the one who uploaded it. Thank you, thank you.

      3. I got tired of waiting for Licentiathe8th’s channel (the one you got the last one from) to upload it, but they never did. I actually wasn’t sure I could do it myself until I tried! 😀

      4. Wouldn’t you know it? Licentiathe8th just started uploading. That one isn’t there yet, but the first two are from the same show! 🙄

    1. Totally. All I’ve got is my one little vote. I cling to the hope that the vote count, ultimately, is beyond the reach of the millionaires and can still make a difference.

  1. Once they’ve got control over the senate and the presidency, they’ll say, “we need to return America to the original vision of the founding fathers!” Then they’ll roll-back the voting system to “white male land owners.” Of course, they might also include “making 1 million or more per year.” Bow to your new overlords!

  2. I am fuming. All that money going to waste on politics. Unbelievable and shame! There has to be a way to stop candidates from spending excess money or we will never have another poor Abe Lincoln ever again as President. Only the rich can become presidents? Nice thought to teach our children..especially when they say they want to grow up to become President….I think we just burst dreams.

    This has to be stopped…Somehow the Middle Class has to take a stand…Is there no way to allow all this money waste, and lies added to good interviews. I am sick and tired of this.

    Help!! Someone please stand up and Help. They help the black when they are down…how about the rest of us…Who can we turn to. I am thinking we might not even have an honest election count.

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