Presidential Debate: The game show

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  1. This is awesome.
    I wonder what the advertisements will be like? Do you think it will be like the superbowl, with tons of cool ads, or will it all be political ads? For real fun, they could incorporate the candidates. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Romney in a dog food commercial with Clint Eastwood? And Obama could try and sell some electric cars. Then they can both be in a Coke commercial together, taking turns stealing the Coke from each other. And surely Nike would want to get in on the action. Maybe they’ll both have Nike swooshes for tie clips. And they can slap different endorsements on each of their podiums. Surely Chick-fil-A will appear on Romney’s, and maybe Obama can get Taco Bell to sponsor him. The guy moderating the debate might even get in on the action. I wonder how much Burger King would pay him to dress up like the King? Or Jack in the box to wear Jack’s head?

    If we dump all his potential ad money into the nation debt, we might even solve the debt crisis!

    1. Wow, I hadn’t even thought about the ads. What a coup to have your superdooper new product plugged on these highly anticipated shows. And why not ads all over the podiums? Or at least the backdrops? And put those corporate sponsor and lobbyist names on their clothes — maybe the NRA across Romney’s back and the NEA on Obama’s. Romney could have a Seamus lookalike in that dog food ad (animals are always good in ads); Obama could play with some cute Hispanic kids in that Taco Bell ad (children are the other surefire thing in ads). And yes, the candidates should appear together in a Coke ad; that’s a given. The networks could extend the debates to a full three hours each to accommodate more advertising.

  2. Brilliant idea. We’d all learn so much more about each contestant/candidate.

    [I’d been thinking that Pictionary would be a good format, but your idea is so much better. Kudos.]

    1. I lumped several different game formats into this. Maybe they could use a different one for each debate. And I love Pictionary. It would be interesting to see what sort of answers that elicited!

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