Arkansas doctors sue state over abortion law

10 thoughts on “Arkansas doctors sue state over abortion law”

  1. Wow! Finally happening: pressure from the doctors. Great news and I hope doctors in other states will support them. Even states not under fire, please. There have always been courageous physicians (mine in 1956) who performed abortions before Roe v. Wade. Now waiting for the profession to stand up, support this suit.

  2. It’s about time. The religious zealots who seek to control others need a court decision that cracks them right upside the head. That would be after they remove their head from their anal canals as they have been breathing methane for a very long time.

      1. To me women having absolute control over their medical and reproductive decisions is a civil and human rights issue. I strongly believe that reproductive decisions are private choices made by a woman (or man where applicable) in consultation with her (or his doctor) and restrict­ing access to either abortion or contraception does not belong on the governmental agenda.

        The hard line religious right wingers clearly intend to

        (1) redefine contraception as abortion
        (2) strip a pregnant woman of her civil rights;
        (3) grant civil rights to her fetus; and
        (4) compel her to become a human incubator and deliver an unwanted child.

        This agenda flies into the face of reality as we know the majority of unwanted children will be raised in unhealthy and supportive environments or abandoned to become wards of the state.

        These right wing people harp on how much abortions cost the medical system but fail to admit to the fact that unwanted wards of the state cost society much more – much much more and not only in terms of dollars.

        When combined with the concept of redefining contraception as abortion, we can readily see that pro-life advocates claim to uphold democratic principles when, in fact, they are not democratic at all.They are committed to their campaign to establish government control over women’s medical and reproductive decisions by way of dirty politics. Dirty politics enabled by the lack of separation between the church and the state. Dirty politics based on the distortion of facts and fueled by emotional religiosity.

        The fact that in the last 40 years the majority of administrations have been conservative makes Roe v. Wade a very real issue in these times and I’m so glad that doctors are prepared to stand up for choice.

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