Try Pixlr for quick, easy image work

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  1. I now realize that what I miss MOST – and probably ONLY – from the previous image editor are two things:
    (1) the ability to tick a box to have the image open in a separate tab, and
    (2) the ability to append a link to an image, ditto …

    1. Once you’ve inserted an image, try clicking on it to change the size, border, etc. You’ll see an entirely new interface. With your normal presentation, however, you probably don’t need to do that very often.

      Pixlr doesn’t address that problem, however. I probably confused the issue by mentioning the WP changes.

    1. Which thread did you post in? The one I linked in my post is still open and growing. (Of course, there’s no way of knowing how many comments they might be holding in moderation … ) But when I mentioned in another post that one of my comments was still in moderation, it magically appeared — about 36 hours after I submitted it.

      Obviously they think they have a valid reason for this change. What infuriates and puzzles me is their apparent unwillingness to explain it. Not that they are obligated to or that it would make any difference. The only way they can make me happy is to return the old system or give us one that’s even better, which the current one certainly is not.

      1. I commented on the WordPress “News” post concerning the changes. My problem is the time and money invested in wordpress. Both hosted by them and self hosted. To so suddenly feel the need to change the basic guts of the day to day editing functions, without allowing an opt out, or in, of changes reeks of Facebook caprice.

        The difference being I’m not paying Zuckerberg any jake. And as the aforementioned thread hints, many are not pleased with a decision that subtracts usability with, what appears to be, a dumb-downed one size fits all. Maybe they, WordPress, are trying to make it easier on their back end. I have, for years suggested WordPress is the best CMS platform on the planet. Today I think they’re but another “My Space” full of hubris… soon to be chock full of ugly, motley sites.

      2. My comment that was held in moderation (mentioned above and in a previous post) was also on their “News” post. It eventually appeared. Certainly makes you wonder if they are or were withholding a flood of negative comments. I don’t doubt it, since they actually edited one of my comments once. They published the first paragraph, which was complimentary, and deleted the second, which was negative.

        I and many others suspect that what they are doing is trying to better accommodate mobile users with a GUI more suited to small screens and fat fingers. And it’s been apparent for several years that they are trying to become more like competing social networks, with all their Liking and Sharing and Reblogging. I have less than zero interest in such platforms.

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