In anticipation of autumn

15 thoughts on “In anticipation of autumn”

    1. I can’t get over the forest. Those slopes look completely untouched by pine beetles. And the alpenglow … well, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

  1. Hi PT– This is just Beautiful! Have read biography of Chief Ouray & Chipeta, so should get back there, too. Too remote for webcams, darn it. There was a brief rainbow this evening as i got to OKC… simply no comparison to Nate’s gorgeous shot😉 (You should work out a grand tour of your state. First by photos, then figure out how to make it happen. Maybe your son??)

    1. It’s called “Colorful Colorado” (both literally and figuratively) for a reason. I’ve always thought the thin dry air at altitude contributes to the vivid colors we see. Or maybe it’s just the lack of pollution.

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