I worry … a lot

12 thoughts on “I worry … a lot”

  1. It doesn’t matter that you worry. Because right now, as you know, Obama and Putin each could begin Armageddon.

    Um, worry about that instead? Instead of worrying that the lesser of two narcissists is going to be sworn in soon?

    1. Oh I do worry about that. I lived through the Cold War, the Cuban missile crisis, etc. I was married to a former nuclear submariner who later became a nuclear engineer. I lived 10 miles from an upstate NY nuclear power station on 9/11.

      “60 Minutes” recently ran a two-part story about nukes in the world today. I hope everyone saw it and was appropriately alarmed. I worry about younger generations not being aware enough of the potential danger. I think one of the comments near the end of the show was that despite worldwide agreements to reduce nuclear arms, etc., there are still more than enough to destroy all mankind.

      I’m also aware that three times in one 45-minute interview, Trump asked why, if we have nukes, we can’t use them. Now that’s something to worry about!

      1. I worry that Trump is a stupid bitch. So, you now wonder, why do I worry about that? Because a stupid bitch will do stupid bitch moves, like, for instance, test a nuke on North Korea Asshole Leader. Which is fine with me!!!! But, erm, China will be alarmed? Cuz their people will get hit with the radiation? And South Korea IS a friend, so!…..

      2. I don’t worry that he’s stupid. I know he’s stupid. And dangerous as hell. He’d drop a nuke on anybody just to prove what a tough guy he is.

  2. I don’t think I was ever so frightened before or since the Cuban crisis. I was pregnant, and was wondering why I had decided to bring a child into the world. This is an equally dangerous time.

  3. I saw the 60 Minutes show and it also said the president had the sole ability to set it all in motion. He could make the call to drop nuclear bombs all on his own….can you imagine Trump?

  4. If POTUS gives the order to fire his nuclear weapons and the generals obey this order then they are guilty of war crimes as laid down and set as precedent at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials of the post WWII, established by the US. UK and their allies.
    Should trump become POTUS and starts a war which he then loses( the last megalomaniac Hitler did) then all the US Generals will be hanged by the neck until they are dead!
    Oh happy days 🙁

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