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Rare yellow cardinal living in Alabama

Charlie Stephenson, in Alabaster, Alabama, first noticed this yellow cardinal at her backyard feeder in January. To keep crowds of curious people from gathering around her home, she is not revealing her exact address. Researchers say the unusual coloring on the normally bright red male Northern Cardinal is the result of a one-in-a-million genetic anomaly.

Readers might also be interested in the curious bi-colored cardinals reported in 2015.


  1. That handsome fella has the whole birding world positively giddy. I have a friend in Alabama who has publicly asked him to visit her. He hasn’t shown up in her yard yet, though.

    • He’s pretty amazing, isn’t he? But I like my cardinals red. Goldfinches already have a corner on the yellow with black accents thing. If he showed up in my yard, I’d probably think I was mistaken … unless he sang for me. There’s no mistaking that.

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