History lesson for Nike and Kaepernick

Nike, Inc. and Colin Kaepernick need a history lesson, one that most of us learned before we got out of grade school. The United States has many official flags. They are my flags, our flags. They are American flags representing all of us — including Nike and Kaepernick (whether they like it or not). Bigots and hate groups cannot co-opt or change the meaning of these flags unless we let them — by recognizing them and ceding ownership to them. I, for one, refuse to do that.

This, on the other hand, is neither my flag nor a flag of the nation:

I don’t plan to buy anything featuring it. It does not represent me. I associate it with ignorance, avarice, and spinelessness. I find it offensive.



      1. Sometimes hitting a subject again is just what is needed to get noticed. Otherwise you’ll get washed over by the tsunami which makes a big splash, then nothing…
        (I’m sure NIKE wishes our evening news would stop showing incidents and describing the participants as wearing ” a black hoodie with NIKE on the front in big splashy gold letters”…Oh, well, the company wants to be the uniform of groups…)

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