Nothing funny about it

8 thoughts on “Nothing funny about it”

  1. With luck, maybe Russia, China, and India will get the message and pay as much attention as the US is trying to do. Working together towards the same goals would make huge difference and might actually slow the damage world wide.

    1. I’m not optimistic because I don’t expect less developed nations to be able to jump directly to 21st Century technology. They’ll have to go through the same evolutionary stages we did — with industrialization, fossil fuels, etc. Unless, of course, we get so concerned and magnanimous that we help the rest of the world jump directly into the 21st Century. Not likely. We won’t even help ourselves.

    1. Maybe when Nantucket, Malibu. Miami Beach, etc., are awash in seawater, there will be sufficient impetus. Of course, by then it will be far too late. I don’t know what it’s going to take. Some of us have been wringing our hands since the ’60s. There’s been some progress, but not nearly enough, fast enough.

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