To Kaepernick & Company

(Apologies to my readers, who by now must think this is all I can write about. But I couldn’t resist this.)


Categories: Culture, History

7 replies

  1. With respect, the flag doesn’t offend him. It is his stupid, back-firing way of trying to bring attention to the real problem of racism.

  2. johnthecook…No apology needed. Kaepernick and like minded individuals need to put their big boy pants on and pack their bags and LEAVE The USA . If they need help in packing…I am available!

    • He’s entitled to throw a hissy fit if he wants to. But disrespecting the symbols of the nation that gives him that right … that crosses a line in my book. And I’m aghast that a company as big as Nike would accede to his wishes where national symbols are comcerned.

  3. I’m just sick to death of all of this perennial offense at everything. Not sure how we can move forward if we’re constantly living in the past. Enough already.

    • Ditto. (Besides K and CO.. haven’t yet address the slaughter of Native Americans by the Buffalo Soldiers right after the uncivil war which is well documented (and recognized here)…don’t open that can of worms of reparations…the Irish and many many others would be within their rights to demand also)
      That was then, this is now. Be constructive or go where you feel more comfortable and life is better for you.
      Human species can be mean and ugly. All humans.
      No one ever promised you wouldn’t feel sad or get your tender feelings hurt. Responsibilities should be prized and honored as much as “rights”

    • Me too. I hate it. No matter what you do or don’t do, it’s going to offend someone. Then they’ll complain and you’ll be the bad guy.

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