Hey you, wear your damn mask

This graph first appeared on the internet in late June, but nothing has changed. Nothing has changed! We’re now entering our third wave of Covid-19. If the second wave was “stupid,” what in heaven’s name is the third wave? Criminal? If your refusal to wear a mask results in someone else’s death, isn’t that criminal?

People say they’re tired of wearing masks, or tired of socially distancing, or tired of washing their hands — if they ever did — so they don’t comply. Are they trying for a fourth wave? A fifth?

Mask-wearing has been highly politicized in some quarters, but viruses don’t respect one’s politics. Non-compliance helped get us where we are. Non-compliance could keep us here.

Sure, Covid vaccines are coming, sooner or later. But there’s no vaccine for stupid.

So wear a mask. If it helps, think of it as a way to hide your stupidity.

11 thoughts on “Hey you, wear your damn mask

    1. It’s probably the conflicting reports from “science”, experts and the CDC itself (Like they have been very accurate about this from the beginning…Ebola was a warning, but the CDC still wasn’t ready for this one )
      Truth the current science shows 85% of those in hospital with COVID did wear masks “all the time” (70%) or “most of the time” (15%) But as a former researcher and data hound we are not given all the data in the news story: what type of masks were each wearing?, showmen how yo9u wore the mask (was it worn properly), did you wear the mask indoors (home, work, stores, restaurants) and did any others in your home/office come down with COVID, and did you eat out in restaurants and remove your mask then (patio or indoors?)
      Only with all the data can we, the public understand and take necessary measures….like it’s best to wear a mask rather than risk it.
      Additionally there is real and scientific evidence that the very fine virus particles – finer than sheet rock dust – can pass through some masks as well as enter. your body through the eyes (googles, shields, even glasses work, but contacts don’t and may make it worse). This is not a secret. Not to mention virus on substances like doors, products and hands (that are not cleaned enough) once a person gets home and puts hands around/on face/nose/eyes
      Having said all that, wear the darn mask – do what you can to protect yourself. And stay 12-16 feet socially distant and downwind if you can – 6 feet ain’t enough to escape this airborne virus.
      Wear the mask to protect yourself (let others worry about themselves, you can lead a horse to water , but…)
      People are in info overload and the real stuff is getting lost. Masks will not stop the virus, but one hopefully will keep you well.
      Unless alone wide open outdoors, wear the darn mask
      The human race survive the Black Plague, and it will survive this one. Some people however will not. Thinning of the herd.

      1. The information is out there, for all who care to inform themselves. I don’t know how they can not care. Everyone has elderly friends and relatives. Everyone knows someone who has lost a job or business. School is messed up for students. It goes on and on. Infections in my county have skyrocketed in the last week or two and we’ve reverted to more strict guidelines. Much of it has been attributed to small gatherings. As I recall we’ve recently hit a 10% positivity rate, highest in the state.

        1. And winter – indoor seasons coming. One expert talking about Christmas advised to organize you social “bubble” and everyone agree to take the same precautions and limit exposure then (if you can trust them) to celebrate Christmas within your bubble group. People need social interactions and kids need some normalcy and social skills”
          It makes sense. We have3 to find a way to carry on and live with this virus. Meds are better – death rate (and ICU admits) is down here and nationally. But people are still getting sick. The US is doing better than Europe even with their lockdowns and strict rules (People are getting nuts with cabin fever worse there though)
          I’m irritated with media that shouts headlines, then only gives parts of the story – so of course people get the wrong idea. Few bother to examine the whole story in this quick “browsing style” of information – all habit from being online. Media and all sorts of company websites realized that early on and adjusted their information for that style…to grab eyeballs. Not always good thing
          We are still around 6 positivity rate – they test like crazy around here for data for the Med Center in truth. If we get any more testing centers, it’ll be like Starbucks! HAHAThe problem is some are being counted multiple times as individuals as they have multiple tests – and a couple of the tests only have 50% accuracy. The rush has a created a mess – and confusing info for the public.
          We’re lucky we can get outside.
          Older people and those with good tans/dark skins absorb vitamin D less from the sun, so get some sun time in if you can in a sheltered spot. We’re back to 70’s today – at least it’s not raining.
          Outside is hope (for cabin fever, too HAHA. Fingers crossed those fires stay sleeping there)

      1. I like to compare it to a seatbelt. Remember when it became the law to start wearing them? I was one that hated the idea of wearing one. After a while, though, you get so used to it, that I feel naked when I don’t wear one. So is it against one’s constitutional rights to have to wear a seatbelt? Hell, wearing a mask isn’t even a law right now.

        As far as people complaining that they’re tired of hearing about COVID, well, we all are. But cancer patients don’t have the luxury of stopping chemo just because they’re tired of having cancer.

        1. Good point about the chemo. But if they haven’t been through it, they probably just don’t understand or care. I’ve seen the seatbelt comparison in many places. But that was a law and never went away. No one expects mask-wearing to become a long-standing law, but I’ve read where some blatant violations of Covid restrictions have resulted in big fines. If everyone would just observe the guidelines now — mask up, keep your distance, etc. — we could get through this faster, and with fewer deaths and long-haulers.

          1. I just cannot believe that wearing a mask has become so controversial. Wearing a mask for god’s sake. It’s not like we’re asking people to wear Haz-Mat suit when they leave the house.

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