Gun control? What gun control?

6 thoughts on “Gun control? What gun control?”

    1. If that’s when the strictest ones were in effect, I’m with you. No civilian needs automatic or semi-automatic weapons. If I could, I’d just confiscate all the guns. I’m fed up to HERE with guns.

  1. johnthecook…The 2nd Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms. Be yea thankful that wicked men are not using an even more sinister way of wiping out people wholesale where guns are not even needed. I fear that time is coming! Please look at the Countries in past history where guns were confiscated from its citizens. Despots, Dictators and their likes control with an absolute iron fist. Guns do not kill people; it’s the idiots behind the trigger. History has proven we can’t control people. Please remind me of the gun laws that were in effect when Regan was shot that have since been repealed . As far as I know, MORE gun laws have been put in effect, and we all know just how well they are working!

    1. Well, if the problem is the idiots behind the triggers, then let’s get rid of the idiots. Because we can’t continue to have both idiots and triggers. Things have gotten totally out of hand.

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