Keep calm and play on

2 thoughts on “Keep calm and play on”

  1. 7%? That is more than I would have thought, too. I am puzzler, not a gamer. LOVE solving puzzle-type games. Not jigsaw puzzles. Not crossword puzzles. Any app that allows me to use logic to solve, and definitely as much time as I need. I’m horrible when it comes to games that only allow so much time. lol… I love Jeopardy. And more often than not, if it’s an question, well, technically an answer, that I know, I can never get it out of my mouth in time. It’s up spinning around in my head, not forming into words, until after the time runs out. Then I come up with the answer, well, technically the question.

    My favorite app is KAMI 2. And it has endless puzzles to solve because it allows users to create puzzles, which I love. I won’t go into explaining it. Just look it up if you’re curious and like to solve puzzles.

    1. Depends on my mood. I’ve tried various games on the phone, but the only one that has ever stuck is WordHero. I used to play some trivia games, but I can’t play the ones where you have to type the answers fast. I rarely type on the phone, so am still a slow hunt-and-peck. Mostly I just dictate. Love voice-to-text.

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