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Who ya gonna call?

Who ya gonna call for the best advice?

When you’re considering a divorce, you call … a lawyer.

When you’re concerned about your car’s engine, you call … a mechanic.

When there’s a leak under your sink, you call … a plumber.

When your electrical outlet is sparking, you call … an electrician.

When you’re considering repainting your house, you call … a painter.

When your yard needs an upgrade, you consult … a landscaper.

When you want to know about politics, you consult … a politician.

When you want to know about vaccinations, you consult … a physician.

There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?


    • Alarming, shocking, frightening, disgusting, horrifying, inexplicable, and yes, depressing. So very depressing. Moreso because I don’t see how, when, or where it ends or changes. It’s a cinch it won’t self-correct.

Now that I've had my say ...

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