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Give ’em hell, er heck, Joe

President Joe Biden delivered his second speech in a week today, and once again he sounded determined and strong. I wish he’d started speaking out earlier, but better late than never.

I had to chuckle when he corrected himself twice, once to change “hell” to “heck” and once to change “damn” to “darn.” Obviously he’s quite conscious of what he’s saying and how it will be perceived. “Sleepy Joe” is not sleepy, and I never thought he was.

Easily accessible voting is or should be a given for all citizens, and as I become less mobile, I am ever more grateful for Colorado’s mail-in voting. Yet there are parts of the country (and even districts in Colorado) where voting is being restricted or denied in every conceivable way. No mail-in ballots, fewer ballot collection boxes, fewer days and shorter hours for voting, no food or drink while standing in long lines at the polls, etc. The President spoke out strongly against such restrictions and, whether or not that will make any difference, I commend him.

Just remember that those who restrict voting rights are doing so because they’re afraid they’ll lose if everyone votes. It’s a sign of desperation from those afraid they can’t win a free and fair election. Not to mention they just plain hate many of those who would vote.

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8 thoughts on “Give ’em hell, er heck, Joe

  1. Well said, PT. The motivation behind voting suppression is fear of “the other.” However, I will say it doesn’t help the cause when black people riot and loot. Democracy dies when it’s not constantly tended.

      1. johnthecook…apparently it was a miscommunication on my part. Somehow some of my responses are stuck in “Word Press”. Now I have to be unlazy and repost them to the appropriate blog. Thanks. V/R johnthecook.

        1. I’m sorry that happened. It can be so frustrating trying to recreate your original thoughts, especially long, thoughtful comments. And I’ve sometimes written comments but neglected to click “post comment.”

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