We’re a nation of order, not chaos

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8 thoughts on “We’re a nation of order, not chaos

  1. LOVED HIS SPEECH!!!!! It’s about time. But I’ve been patient. I know he’s had other matters to deal with – like COVID – and has been letting the task force the DOJ do their job. But was SO GLAD to hear him say that trump is a responsible party and there will be repercussions to all involved (which, in my opinion, included trump). I did watch him walk away, though, and see how taxing this job has been on him. He didn’t walk away in his usual bouncy way. He walked gingerly; a tired, elderly man. I love him but really would like to see him retire after his 4 years. Now, if we can get someone to run that has a good chance of winning because I don’t think Kamala has what it takes.

    1. I agree 100%. Like so many, he never mentioned the ex-president by name, but I want to see t—-, the instigator-in-chief, in prison. Pres. Biden walks like my 6’4″ older brother, with shorter strides and slightly hunched due to arthritis. I, too, would like to see him retire after 4 years, provided there’s a seriously strong candidate to replace him (definitely not Kamala). I’ve little doubt that t—- plans to run again, and it’s absolutely imperative that he be defeated.

  2. Loved the way Pres Biden called the BS of excuses for last 6th Jan out for exactly what it was! Last year even America saw what the real USA is, so now its unveiled and while its a hard pill to swallow, its easier to understand why certain behaviors, biases and discriminations are present. President Biden is a healer, he is the voice of a rationality and fairness. I’m not sure if anyone in the mix of politicians is strong enough to keep the evil of republican ideology away, but the rest of the world knows they must prepare for the worse, because it is possible. I am saddened by the stain on the present past of USA, because of insurrected actions and slow justice against perpetrators – because most of them are white, and spurred on by a sitting president, but delayed is not denied. Thank you for sharing.. and I too want to see ‘the instigator in chief’ behind bars with followers.

    1. I know “the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine,” but I’m so afraid that the longer that instigator is out there spreading his lies, the more dangerous the future becomes. Given what he’s done already, the future looks pretty bleak.

  3. I used to wonder at the deplorables’ unlimited capacity for cognitive dissonance, but no longer. Cognition itself seems beyond them. They’ve no desire to learn, professing instead blind loyalty to their dear leader. The dark money, and every power hungry GOPster in formation behind their draft dodging, tax cheating, lecherous reality TV star, granting him godlike false idol status. He returns their worship with a shitstorm of lies, powerful enough to convince the January 6 throng that they were engaged in an act of patriotism. And they call us liberals “sheep”!

    The Travesty got himself elected conman style, tapping into decades of socio-economic rage, hatred and frustration. He echoes that rage to his audience, to whom he mawkishly condescends, and they love him for his “plain speaking” style. After all, he is a “stable genius”. This diseased dynamic is terrifyingly familiar, a Nazi-like hurricane of class struggle. It can’t end well, having metastasized so vigorously. But it will be over soon, one way or another, we will find our way through this bleak period.

    1. Why should the deplorables try to think and learn anything for themselves? It’s so much easier to let their dear leader think for them and tell them what to do. What worries me the most is seeing so many in Congress supporting and defending his sedition. And it is sedition. The echoes of history grow louder by the day. Isn’t anyone listening?

      1. Let’s hope there are enough people listening. I accidentally left racism out of my comment. It’s a huge part of our present crisis scenario. Obama’s two terms utterly enraged white supremacists. The story of Obama infuriating trump at the 2011 National Press Club gives a whole different spin to that meme “Thanks Obama!”. When we get past these dangerous times, let’s hope racism finally meets the death it deserves.

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