‘Oh, Corona!’

As a native Oklahoman, I felt compelled to “borrow” this wonderful parody from blooper0223 over at Serenity is a fuzzy belly. This is one talented family!

Previously it had not occurred to me that Oklahoma! first opened on Broadway in 1943, just 8 days before I was born. But I was born in Kansas City, so that probably isn’t relevant. The movie Oklahoma! opened in 1955, which was my first exposure beyond hearing my parents croon “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” on occasion.

“Oklahoma!,” by Rogers and Hammerstein, became the official Oklahoma state song in 1953.

6 thoughts on “‘Oh, Corona!’

  1. johnthecook..Thank You for some levity on the Carona Virus. One thing is for sure: it’s a virus, people can and will eventually get it, but how severely is a crap shoot. It’s like the flu only it has an extra kick like a Missouri mule.

  2. Wow! They can sing.
    I have to mention, though, I thought that they were in the bathroom – the curtain behind them looked more like a shower curtain than a window curtain. It wasn’t until the started moving around that I realized it was not a shower curtain. Talented with singing, yes. Decorating? Not so much so.

    1. LOL. I didn’t think about it when I first watched the video, but when I saw the enlarged image at the top of this page, yes, I thought “shower curtain.” Then I studied the wider view below and realized it must be polished cotton or satin or something in their living room (?). I guess they do things differently in England.

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