Not an atheist among ’em

Decided to answer my own question about the religions of the ’08 presidential candidates and found the following compilation from the Associated Press on the Nashua (NH) Telegraph‘s website:


Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden: Roman Catholic
New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Methodist
Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd: Catholic
Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: Methodist
Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Catholic
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: Christian
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Catholic


Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: Catholic
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Catholic
California Rep. Duncan Hunter: Baptist
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: Southern Baptist
Arizona Sen. John McCain: Episcopalian [note: since then he has said he is Baptist]
Texas Rep. Ron Paul: Baptist
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: Mormon
Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: Presbyterian
Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson: Southern Baptist
Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson: Catholic

As a candidate for public office, it’s probably very impolitic to admit you’re an atheist; it would have been headline news. Still, I was hoping there might be one in there somewhere. It would have brightened (no pun intended) my day.

Hmm, I just noticed they left Democrat Mike Gravel, former Senator from Alaska, off the list.

9/24 Note: Gravel is a Unitarian. Tommy Thompson has dropped out of the race.

3 thoughts on “Not an atheist among ’em

  1. The designations are what the candidates themselves said in answer to a question from the AP. Notice Obama thought “Christian” was an adequate answer. Perhaps he was thinking as you do, that the specific denomination doesn’t matter.

    I understand a lot of Christians think that Romney, a Mormon, is not a Christian.

    A good Golden Rule for atheists, or anyone else, might be something like… Good character is demonstrated by what you do, period.

  2. If a candidate really upholds the Constitution, I hope it doesn’t matter what the listed religion is. I think the federal government should stay out of personal moral decisions.
    I appreciate your list, but aren’t all the listed religions Christian anyway? Does each kind of Christianity of a different Golden Rule?

    Would the Atheist Golden Rule be something like… Good character is demonstrated by what you do when no one is looking.

  3. What a shame that none of them refused to answer on the grounds that their personal religion is irrelevant to their ability to serve their country.

    It does worry me when a leader goes to war and claims that God actually spoke to him to say that it was the right thing to do. I mean if I heard voices telling me to kill people I’m pretty sure I’d end up in an asylum.

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