Not an atheist among ’em

3 thoughts on “Not an atheist among ’em”

  1. The designations are what the candidates themselves said in answer to a question from the AP. Notice Obama thought “Christian” was an adequate answer. Perhaps he was thinking as you do, that the specific denomination doesn’t matter.

    I understand a lot of Christians think that Romney, a Mormon, is not a Christian.

    A good Golden Rule for atheists, or anyone else, might be something like… Good character is demonstrated by what you do, period.

  2. If a candidate really upholds the Constitution, I hope it doesn’t matter what the listed religion is. I think the federal government should stay out of personal moral decisions.
    I appreciate your list, but aren’t all the listed religions Christian anyway? Does each kind of Christianity of a different Golden Rule?

    Would the Atheist Golden Rule be something like… Good character is demonstrated by what you do when no one is looking.

  3. What a shame that none of them refused to answer on the grounds that their personal religion is irrelevant to their ability to serve their country.

    It does worry me when a leader goes to war and claims that God actually spoke to him to say that it was the right thing to do. I mean if I heard voices telling me to kill people I’m pretty sure I’d end up in an asylum.

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