Joke or not, Clinton press release was pretty silly

Okay, I’m a little late reading Hillary’s December 2 press release … you know, the one about Obama’s kindergarten essay. Still, it made amusing reading and stands as proof that the political Silly Season is upon us (I sometimes think it started when George Bush was elected).

It cites several incidents from the past as proof that Obama has been planning to run for president for much longer than he admits. There were even quotes to prove he’s been planning this campaign since he entered the Senate and, going even further back, since he was in law school. Even, according to Obama’s brother-in-law, as long ago as … gasp … 15 years! (Hmm, let me see now … how long ago did Bill and Hillary start planning their respective presidencies?)

The release then cites those now-famous essays (yes, there were two such essays) that Obama wrote about being president someday—one written in the third grade and the other in kindergarten.

Not long after the release was … er … um … released, the Clinton camp spoke up and said it was just a joke (the release, not the Clinton camp). I leave it to others to decide. But, just for the sake of argument, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a president so smart that he was writing essays in kindergarten?

One thought on “Joke or not, Clinton press release was pretty silly

  1. The entire Clinton candidacy is pretty silly. First the Unexposed Scandal on Obama that they are “big” enough not to repeat, the the Kindergarten thing and now the Cocaine thing with Obama. Did we ever expect anything else from a Clinton candidacy? Not that I’d vote or Obama….steve

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