Airing dirty laundry at the U.N.

5 thoughts on “Airing dirty laundry at the U.N.”

  1. Good grief! Is there no end to the ways in which the Obama administration acts to show how ill prepared it is to deal with the real world? This reminds me of an exchange in the old Sanford and Son show, where Aunt Esther says that Fred, “ain’t nothing but a silly fool!” To which Fred responds, “And you ain’t nothin’ but a sessy pool!” 😆

  2. You guys just have a problem with your expectation level. Just lower it far enough and you’ll be able to take incompetence in stride. Heck… I did that when I heard who the Republicans and Democrats chose to be their presidential candidates. I have to admit though that I’m having to re-lower my expectation level for Hillary. I would have bet she’d resign rather than create fodder for the opponents in her next presidential bid, but here she is going along with idiots just as if she didn’t realize it. If she’s acting, we need an Oscar for political performances.

    1. I’ve lost track of my re-lowerings. It’s just so damned hard to keep up! (Or down?) Hillary had gone up a notch or two since the election, but with this stunt and her smiling oversight of the latest, greatest new-and-improved Israeli-Palestinian “peace” talks, I’m going to have to do an emergency double re-lowering for her.

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