The more things change…

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    1. I was watching “Miracle” and in one scene this speech was playing in the background. I was struck by how much it sounded like today. And depressed to realize that was 1979 and nothing’s changed. Or if it has, it’s only gotten worse.

      1. It always gets me too. And it has nothing to do with Carter’s speech. I was watching that game live, and I still get goosebumps and tears thinking about it.

      2. I’m stunned, like everyone else. But what’s the old saying? “On any given Saturday … ” I’m an OU alum. Ask me if I care what happens to OSU. 😛

      3. Funny, I heard one of the commentators saying that OU wanted OSU to win so that their upcoming game would have more significance. I would think OU would be glad to have someone expose a few OSU weaknesses for them! 😀

        BTW, thanks for not pointing out my poor taste in light of OSU’s recent tragedy (the way my son just did on Facebook)… 😳

      4. Well I think we should just agree to forgive each other… I still think my son is just mad that our OSU (the SUCKeyes) got their butts kicked by Penn (Pederro) St.! Damn, did I think that our loud? 😳

  1. While there have been many contentious ups and downs in American politics over the years, and it was probably worst just before the Civil War, I do believe the country is entering a new phase now, and not a good one. For most of our history we have been a bellicose and expansionist country.

    War, for all its problems, is always good for two things – unity under fear and technological productivity, and it has been one war after another. Until now. The War on Terror is not a war in the traditional sense, and it is not bringing our people together, it is dividing us. That’s because you can not win a war against a concept, only a nation.

    The other big change is that there is no more expansion. Hawaii was the last state added, only a half century ago, and our population is stagnating for the first time. The resident birth rate is at or below the maintenance rate. We are kicking out of the country the people who pick the crops, mow the grass, make the beds and care for the elderly and incontinent, and that at a time when the economy is in a tailspin from the regulatory laxity that catered to the national self-indulgence.

    I don’t see these trends reversing, despite Newt Gingrich’s recent soft moment on immigration policy. The mood of the body politic seems to be one of paranoia and anger, and no matter which Republican might be elected, no Carter-like speech is likely to help. I think Obama has the right rhetorical skills and the right policies, if the economy will ever turn around, but his greatest negative is a pervasive ethnic prejudice in conservatives. While that is diminished from prior eras, it is still a big factor, and as for the economy, I don’t see that turning around without entitlement reform. That’s not going to happen because people don’t understand it – self indulgence is too big a part of our national psyche.

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