Plan B: Politics trumps science

8 thoughts on “Plan B: Politics trumps science”

  1. “That’s a normal parental response, but obviously if the child is seeking Plan B, the parent has been out of the loop for a while. Better to equip the child with the knowledge to protect herself and hope she doesn’t need it than to not prepare her and end up with an unwanted pregnancy.”

    That’s an interesting point. If the concern is that parents want to have a say (or at least knowledge) about their daughter’s sexual activity, that is a thing that should be in place well before something as dire as needing Plan B happens. Its interesting the “family values” party wants to keep kids away from sex education AND the solution to the problems a lack of sex education causes….

  2. Back after my divorce, when I was out there in the jungles of dating, one of those “getting to know you” conversations with a man turned to the topic of his 14-year-old daughter. “She would never get pregnant because she knows I’d beat her senseless if she did,” he said.

    Yeah. No. Kicked that guy to the curb not 10 minutes later, after I confirmed that what I was hearing was not a joke.

    Parents like that jerk are the reason Plan B should be available without parental consent, to girls younger than 17, over-the-counter.

    1. On a less violent-sounding but similar note, in a well-respected, two-parent suburban family the mere shame of an accidental teenage pregnancy might keep a girl silent until the problem becomes obvious to everyone. “Thou shalt not disappoint thy parents” is a fearsome thing to many kids.

  3. Why does it seem so appropriate that Kansas (Sebelius) is somehow intertwined in this choice/life political debate?
    The sad part? The circus of the GOP race has already drowned out any debate about this.

    1. I hadn’t thought about Sebelius being from Kansas, but yes, that probably weighed heavily in her decision. I’m from Oklahoma, and the conservatism in that part of the country is bedrock. It’s a shame this decision, so fundamentally important to every girl, woman, and family in the country, will slip by virtually unnoticed.

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