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Wherein I apologize to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Tebow warming up before tonight's game

I owe Tim Tebow an apology. Even before he got to Denver to play football, I bashed him for his “pro family” Super Bowl ad. All the hardcore Christian fans in the area went berserk when he got here, as though he were some sort of savior come to raise a lousy Broncos team from the depths of the NFL. The same fans screamed so loud and so long that management finally relented and started him seven games ago. He was so incredibly inept it would have been comical if it hadn’t been so sad. I wrote him off. I consigned him to the same mental dust bin I dumped the Broncos in years ago.

But then they started winning. Tebow pulled out a few last minute miracle saves. Even though I’d written them off, I couldn’t help hearing about the growing string of fourth-quarter, come-from-behind wins. And they kept happening. Tebow and the Broncos kept finding ways to win. It was uncanny. Tonight was the sixth game in the amazing win streak and by far the most incredible win. Football fans can find the details in a million places. I’m just here to say Tebow won me over tonight; he’s the real deal, and so are the Broncos. I can’t deny it anymore. The kid has made believers of his team. And they’ve made a believer of me. Go Tebow! Go Broncos!

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