KS anti-abortion bill would require medical malpractice

“Among other provisions in the proposed legislation are measures allowing doctors to withhold from patients medical information that might encourage them to seek an abortion and prohibiting malpractice suits if the woman or the child suffers a health complication as a result of information being withheld. A wrongful death lawsuit could be filed if the mother dies. The bill also would require doctors to tell women that abortion causes breast cancer and would prohibit state employees from performing abortions on the job.” That’s from the Huffington Post’s story on an anti-abortion bill moving through the Kansas legislature.

The insanity continues.

Categories: abortion, Election 2012, Health, war on women

7 replies

  1. Build a moat around this place and seal it off with a sound proof dome. They must have been infected with some terrible brain eating organism.

  2. Arizona, too. I’ve released the Kraken. Just. Fed. Up.

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