Myth attribution: Chief Seattle and Ted Perry

8 thoughts on “Myth attribution: Chief Seattle and Ted Perry”

  1. Good for you, PT, for wanting to set the record straight. But, being of partial native descent myself, I also love your motivation for using the poem in the first place. Speaking of clouding the real history of Native Americans, have you ever seen the PBS Documentary “Reel Injun”? It was a most impressive piece. I laughed, cried, and cursed through the entire thing.

    1. Well, the correction in the post certainly spoils the mood I was trying to set. But I couldn’t let the error stand. I’ll just have to find a different quotation next year.

      I haven’t seen that documentary, and based on the trailer, I’m not sure I’d want to see it. I grew up watching those movies and TV shows, and I love the American West. But as an adult, the misrepresentation made me cry, as does the truth of what really happened then.

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