Oklahoma GOP kills personhood bill

10 thoughts on “Oklahoma GOP kills personhood bill”

  1. Good grief, talk about “theories with holes big enough to shove galaxies through!” Do these people ever actually listen to themselves? Or is everything they say passed through some weird “God’s Army” speech processor before it gets back to their ears? Thank goodness for the few who didn’t down the entire glass of “Cosmic Kool-Aid!” 😯

    1. Scary to think people like Peterson are writing laws in this country, isn’t it? I’m stunned (but delighted) that there were enough sane Republicans left in Okla. to shoot down that personhood nonsense. I figured it was a done deal.

      1. I was tempted to ask if you’d thought about erasing the traces of your Oklahoma heritage, but I figured you felt bad enough already! 😉

  2. Ms. Peterson is quite the optimist if she thinks parents can pre-determine the political mien of their offspring. Although I only have three children I have been 100% unsuccessful in doing that. As for the presumed motivation of the OK legislators in quashing the bill, I do not believe for a New York minute they had a change of heart on the issue. What I think happened is that they read the national political polls and realized that the personhood issue was putting a serious hurt on their chances in the presidential race with the majority of women voters. They may be fanatics but they ain’t stupid.

    1. Ms. Peterson’s statement is so Palinesque that I don’t pretend for a second to understand her reasoning. As for the others, you summed it up nicely. Except that I think they’ve already pushed the social issues too long and too hard, and too many voters are not going to forget it. I know I’m not.

      1. Actually I’m not. I’m just hoping if I say it often enough, it will be so. I fear most voters don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain. And they have the memory of gnats.

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