Remembering the Oklahoma City bombing – II

14 thoughts on “Remembering the Oklahoma City bombing – II”

    1. Even in Oklahoma, people are forgetting and/or moving on. It’s part of the healing, I suppose, and a blessing to not have it foremost in our thoughts all the time.

  1. Good post, PT, and very appropriate. Not only should we not ever forget, but I submit that this terrible event should be a reminder of the insidious nature of extremist thought. Just because terrorists are anti-social doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent or capable of long-range planning.

    One reason the recent Secret Service scandal in Colombia disturbs me so much is the potential it had for compromising time-sensitive information about the presidential party’s schedule, information that would have been invaluable to any number of radical violence-prone groups both foreign and domestic. It only takes one leak, one black-mailed agent for example, to do enormous damage and the number of people wanting to do that damage is by all reports growing exponentially.

    1. Yes, I’m extremely concerned about the Secret Service incident. One report that said the president’s schedule (or something like that) was in the room where the girls were. That information could have been in the hands of an assassin within minutes after the girls left. For such a serious lapse in judgment, I think all those men should be fired. And whatever routine was in place at the time should be re-examined and changed. Maybe those men are all too young to remember the Kennedy assassination and just don’t comprehend that it really CAN happen.

      1. Too young to remember. Living life so much through movies, videos, and video games – not harsh realities and consequences? Thanks for posting this. Those who have witnessed historical events must talk about them – relate how it felt – or they will be forgotten. Serious times

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