Federalism, states’ rights, and gay marriage

6 thoughts on “Federalism, states’ rights, and gay marriage”

  1. Excellent!!!! Glad you’re sharing that video, too. He says some very valuable words. These anti-gay laws are a violation of our constitution. Just as one time, women fought for their rights – and won. Same with blacks. Now it is time for gay marriage. I had not heard Obama spoke out today – but I’m at work and cut off from news, except for a quick glance at my inbox, like now. I am glad he did. And once he is (hopefully) re-elected, if not before, he can override the states hate laws they’re creating.

    And then there’s the “imaginary” war on women…. Many of these laws need to be over-ridden by Federal as well.

    1. Unfortunately, by himself, he can’t overturn any state laws. It’s going to be a long, slow process getting all those laws into court challenges and all the way to the Supreme Court where (I hope) they’ll be ruled unconstitutional. But even then it will depend on the make-up of the Court at the time. And after Citizens United, I wouldn’t bet on the Court knowing black from white or night from day.

      1. Well, of course there’s always the possibility that states like NC will see the light and rescind their laws … but I’m not holding my breath.

      2. Lots of inbreeding in Oklahoma too. And yet the Republicans there were the ones who killed the Personhood Bill. I’m still perplexed by that. Just shows they can’t be counted on to do the wrong thing.

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